Who We Are

The Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (LMTI) is a youth leadership program on a mission to MAKE CHANGE.

A program of Partners in Prevention, our mission is to guide young people to realize their leadership potential and become empowered to create positive changes in themselves, in their schools, and in their communities.

We are dedicated to providing young people with opportunities to become strong leaders. At LMTI, we firmly believe that middle and high school students are not the leaders of tomorrow, but rather they are the leaders of TODAY. New Jersey students know best what challenges exist in their schools and communities; they are the ones who walk through the hallways and down the streets each day. Accordingly, they must be the ones to create change.

Through LMTI, students learn to look at challenges not as roadblocks to be feared or ignored, but as opportunities to be embraced and overcome. Furthermore, students are given the chance to work in an environment that puts them in control with adults there as guides and advocates for their vision. Students leave LMTI programs with a sense of confidence, purpose, and motivation that continues on throughout the school year- and throughout their lives.