Who Should Attend- Fall

We strongly believe that ANYONE can benefit from participating in LMTI programs. However, we do have a few tips for selecting students and the adults who will be working with them:

High School Students Who…

• have completed at least their Freshman year;
• are proud to be or are willing to become alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free;
• are motivated to give service to their community and/or school and to do the hard work necessary to make a difference in the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs;
• have displayed or have the potential to develop leadership skills but may have been passed over for leadership roles in the past;
• have good listening skills and will respect others and their opinions;
• will reach out to people while still taking good care of themselves;
• are likely to earn the trust of peers, parents, and administrators; and
• represent the diversity (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, peer group, etc.) of their school or community.

Adults Who…

• are able to stay for the duration of the conference and will work with students during the school year;
• like and are willing to listen to and learn from teenagers;
• are willing to enthusiastically join activities with high school students while setting appropriate limits with them;
• are likely to earn the trust of students, parents, peers, and administrators;
• are willing to offer the credit for accomplishments to high school students;
• work easily and cooperatively with students and other adult volunteers;
• will actively participate in any LMTI staff trainings, the entire conference, and supplemental activities;
• look for the good in all high school students;
• are healthy role models for high school students; and
• are alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free while at LMTI events.