What to Bring- Fall

2018 Packing List- Fall

What to Bring

• Bedding & Towels: a sleeping bag and/or bed linens and a blanket; pillow; towels & washcloths

• Clothes:  jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, winter jacket, waterproof jacket or poncho, sturdy sneakers or boots, pajamas, winter hat, winter gloves (Most activities are indoors, however we will be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. Be prepared for cold, wintery weather).

• Toiletries: toothbrush & toothpaste; shampoo, soap; personal items; tissues

• Miscellaneous: flashlight; sunscreen

• Optional: flip flops for the shower; backpack; bug spray; water bottle; camera; musical instrument

What NOT to Bring

• Tablets, computers, or other electronic devices: We do not want you to lose these valuables during LMTI. In addition, due to an extremely full schedule, there will be no time to utilize these items.

• Food/Snacks: All meals will be provided by LMTI. Bringing food and/or snacks can attract animals into cabins. If you have specific dietary needs, please contact us in advance!

A Note About Cell Phones

• If you bring a cell phone, you will only be permitted to use it to take pictures or to provide music during Open Mic. Phone calls, texting, or general app use are not allowed.