Municipal Alliances

Creating both individual and community-level change is at the core of all of LMTI’s programming. We are excited to offer Municipal Alliance funded Action Groups the opportunity to work with us to implement school and/or community-wide strategies that will make a true impact- and that will help to satisfy your grant requirements.

Upon signing up for the LMTI Summer Leadership Conference, you will be introduced to several prevention strategies that have been proven effective in addressing underage drinking and specifically access and availability, which is a local condition that many communities face. While at the Summer Leadership Conference, your students will work through the steps of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to develop a custom program that can be utilized throughout your community. LMTI will provide your students with access to all of the materials they’ll need and will train them how to effectively implement the initiatives to insure maximum impact. Here are just a few sample strategies:

Sticker Shock

By placing stickers on items throughout local liquor stores, students send a clear message to adults to not purchase alcohol for minors. Students will work with liquor store owners, the media, and local police department to create a successful campaign.

Please ID Me

This initiative allows your students to develop a custom media campaign centered around encouraging alcohol vendors to check individuals’ IDs prior to selling them alcohol. Through posters, billboards, PSAs, signage at liquor stores, and other avenues, the campaign will have a far reach into your community.

Please Don’t Risk It

This public awareness program, is used to educate communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol to teenagers in their homes. Through a community-wide media campaign involving parents, schools, local businesses, and the police department, this campaign will have a definite impact.