Members of the College Age TI Staff (CATS) are a vital part of the success of the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute. CATS are individuals who are ages 18-22. CATS may or may not have attended a Teen Institute program in the past and serve as leaders and role models for current participants. CATS undergo an extensive interview, application, and training process to make them into the TI experts they are. So much of the success of LMTI depends on volunteer staff- including our college age volunteers! Each year we select individuals from throughout the state to serve as CATS. Want to apply? Here’s what you need to know:

Responsibilities of a CATS member include….
• Remaining alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free
• Appreciating and promoting diversity
• Promoting a drug free lifestyle to others
• Leading by example
• Being a role model
• Being a leader
• Developing skits/workshops to be presented at LMTI Summer Leadership Conference and/or College Track
• Group Facilitation (Process Group)
• Cabin Chaperone duties
• Representing your community and/or college/university in an appropriate manner
• Being an active member of the LMTI staff
• Remaining an active prevention advocate before, during, and after camp
• Attending follow up events
• Undergoing all mandatory training sessions for preparation (including staff trainings)
• Attending all days of LMTI Summer Leadership Conference and/or College Track
• Attending MANDATORY 2 LMTI follow-up events or activities.

Be sure to utilize the provided checklist to make sure that you haven’t missed any steps!

Please note – Not every CATS member is the same! New Jersey is diverse and our college staff reflects that diversity. We look for a mix of individuals who are both “in front of the scenes” and “behind the scenes” individuals. If you’ve enjoyed your previous experiences at TI and/or are looking for an advanced leadership role, we hope you will consider applying to be a member of the CATS.


Staff Application

Please download this 2017 Adult Staff Application. You must complete this and bring the full, signed application with you to the first training.

Trainings & Attendance Policy

All trainings are held at the Wood-Ridge Civic Center located at 495 Highland Ave, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075.

June 3rd | 10am – 4pm *
June 24th | 10am – 4pm *
July 15th | 10am – 4pm **
August 12th | 10am – 4pm **

**Summer Leadership Conference CATS only

Attendance at each of the trainings is critically important to the success of the CATS. We expect that every effort will be made to attend all trainings. However, we do understand that conflicts may arise and therefore will allow all CATS one (1) excused absence, provided that you follow the procedure detailed below. Beyond that, any additional absences will be reviewed by the LMTI staff on a case by case basis.

Please let the LMTI staff know about any conflicts by e-mailing Ryan @ Ryan@Lmteeninstitute.org. Click here to review the CATS 2017 Attendance Policies.

College Track Conference Info

Monday, July 10 – Wednesday, July 12

If you are a College Track CATS your full participation in the College Track Conference is mandatory. This means that you cannot arrive late or leave early.

Summer Leadership Conference Info

Sunday, August 20 – Friday, August 25

If you are a Summer Leadership Conference CATS your full participation in the Summer Leadership Conference is mandatory. This means that you cannot arrive late or leave early. For CATS and other staff members, the conference begins on Sunday, August 20 at 2pm. CATS will be expected to arrive at Camp Mason no later than 12:30pm.

You cannot miss any portion of Sunday’s activities.

Remind 101

We will using the Remind 101 to send out reminders and information to all of you when we are not together. These are done in the form of text-alerts that you will all receive via Remind 101. To sign up for our class please text @lmticats17 to 81010. Please do this before the first CATS Training. Through this service you will also be able to directly contact the LMTI staff as needed.  If you are unable to sign up by phone you may also do so through e-mail.