YAC Applications

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Youth Advisory Council (YAC)! Please visit http://lmteeninstitute.org/yac to learn more about the interview process and to access all the info you’ll need!

The online application is due no later than Saturday, January 27 @ 11:59pm.
You must schedule your interview by Saturday, January 27 @ 11:59pm. 

Good luck!

LMTI Month Of Giving | #GiveTI

YOUNG PEOPLE. There is GREATNESS under this tent.


Remember that? For the past 31 summers, LMTI (the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute, formerly TIGS- Teen Institute of the Garden State), has brought together hundreds of youth every August to celebrate life and the true GREATNESS within each of us.


For some of us, the messages of LMTI were loud and clear right away. Some of us came to camp ready to go and accept all of the IALAC coming at us with open arms.  We were on that stage celebrating life from the moment we stepped off the bus. We were ready to peel all of the bananas and ride in all of your little red wagons NOW.


Some of walked onto the Camp Mason grounds with wide eyes silently asking, “Where did my parents send me….?” as YACs acted out UBU stereotypes and hamster danced all around us.   We were hesitant, but listening, and it took us a couple of days to truly understand what was happening.  Bur by Wednesday night at the dance, we were all in.


Still, there were some of us who were Not. Doing. This. Thank. You. Very. Much. We’re the ones who sat with arms folded, adamantly refusing to hear the positivity and refusing to accept that any of this was real. For us, camp was a full 5 day puzzle- and we didn’t even like puzzles- and it wasn’t until the Candle Light Ceremony on Thursday night that we started to see how the pieces fit together.  We paused and, maybe for the first time ever, we breathed in and heard a voice inside whisper “I Am Lovable and Capable” right before we breathed out.


Whether we experienced the messages of LMTI just this past summer or 25 summers ago- whether we attended once or twice or if we never stopped– the messages of LMTI hold a significant meaning  for each of us and tie together generations upon generations of TIGS & LMTI Alumni.  There is GREATNESS is this program.


Together, we can help LMTI continue to inspire greatness in today’s youth.  Please join us in giving others this amazing gift- #GiveTI .


Please donate here.

Emergency Contact Information @ Camp Mason

We are so excited that your child will be joining us for the 2017 Summer Leadership Conference at YMCA Camp Mason. It’s going to be a great week! In the event of an emergency, please use the following phone numbers to contact our staff:

(908) 362-8217 (9:00am-5:00pm)

(908) 362-8245 (after 5:00pm)

Camp Address:
YMCA Camp Mason
23 Birch Ridge Road
Hardwick, NJ 07825

Summer Leadership Conference

Are you attending the 2017 Summer Leadership Conference? We can’t wait to see you there! Click on the links below to find everything you need to help you get ready.  Can’t find what you’re looking for or have more questions? Please give us a call at (201) 696-0368 or email us at ryan@Lmteeninstitute.org!

Conference Dates: Monday, August 21 – Friday, August 25
LocationYMCA Camp Mason, 23 Birch Ridge Road, Hardwick, NJ 07825
Check In: Monday 10:00am-12:00pm
Departure: Friday, 3:00pm

2017 Participant Mailing

2017 Advisor Mailing

2017 Packing List

2017 LMTI Parent Handbook

Directions to Camp Mason